During my stay at the Grand Mercure Sao Paulo Itaim Bibi, I had a opportunity to experience the Buddha Spa, located the đứng đầu floor. First và foremost, if you want to read more about this beautiful khách sạn that was recently and gorgeously remodeled, be sure lớn read my other article here.

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The rooftop of this hotel, including the Buddha spa is just gorgeous. Half of it makes up the spa and the other half is the fitness center, pool, & sauna. Walking into the Buddha spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp I felt comfortable và was warmly welcomed by the staff. This is important! The lobby thiết kế draws you inward towards the window of the rooftop terrace which is a peaceful oasis.



I’ve been having some back issues so a mas sa was exactly what I was looking for. I went for a 50 minute relaxation massage. The therapist met me in the lobby & escorted me khổng lồ the treatment room just down the hallway. As I would expect at this property, because everything is so well thought out, the treatment rooms were also very comfortable and beautiful. Also, the music was at the perfect volume, the colors were nice và relaxing, & the therapist took good care of me.

For reference, I’ve experienced the finest massages all around the world và I have to say that here at the Buddha spa làm đẹp in São Paulo, I was incredibly happy with the treatment. My therapist knew exactly what she was doing & did a great job overall. It’s lượt thích she could sense exactly where I was the most tense và treated it. How lovely!



After my treatment, I left feeling incredible. I went back to lớn the spa làm đẹp lobby và enjoyed some Indian chai.

All in all, my experience at the Buddha spa làm đẹp Itaim Bibi was fantastic, from beginning khổng lồ end, & top lớn bottom. This spa is great. If you’re looking for a great spa làm đẹp treatment while in Sao Paulo, look no further than the Buddha spa làm đẹp Itaim Bibi!

Reserve YOUR treatment at the Buddha spa Itaim Bibi now!
During my stay at the Grand Mercure Sao Paulo Itaim Bibi, I had a opportunity to experience the Buddha Spa, located the đứng top floor. First và foremost, if you want khổng lồ read more about this beautiful hotel that was recently & gorgeously remodeled, be sure to read my other article…
Buddha spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Itaim Bibi: Amazing mát xa in Sao Paulo
Buddha spa làm đẹp Itaim Bibi: Amazing mát xa in Sao Paulo

Massage Sao Paulo

In São Paulo we now offer you the option of either ordering your mas sa directly at your office desk or having it conveniently delivered khổng lồ your home. Of course we are also available for trade fairs or other exciting events in São Paulo.

Already within your Company you can effectively counteract the emerging stress. Our experienced and professional mát xa team in São Paulo enables smartphone relaxation directly at work or at a location of your choice!

Whether you want a comprehensive Full body Massage in your own four walls or, for example, a revitalizing one Thai mas sa wish - order online Go online now & treat yourself to lớn a relaxing break!


mobile mas sa for the office

Hire us to lớn motivate your employees in São Paulo or to put a smile on the faces of your colleagues. With our office massage we transform stress & negative mood into absolute relaxation! The mát xa is carried out either directly at the workplace or on a mobile massage chair - clothed và lasts 5 to 20 minutes.

healthier employees more efficient and motivated in the office operational Health promotion tax deductible

Massage at home

For those who like it even more carefree in São Paulo, without experiencing the interaction with other customers, annoying waiting times or thành phố traffic, we offer the possibility to book massages in the comfort of your own four walls! We"ll bring our mobile massage table with us & your living room will be transformed into a place of absolute relaxation in no time at all.

less stress no arrival & departure necessary No waiting times or looking for a parking space. familiar cozy environment no strangers

Trade fairs và events

Exhausting days at the trade fair are a thing of the past - just lượt thích the lack of visitors at the stand! We are your source of relaxation and attraction for any sự kiện in São Paulo & leave a lasting impression.

Massage voucher

In Munich, as well in almost all of Germany our vouchers can be redeemed.

Give away relaxation & order online.

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Thai Massage

No matter whether in São Paulo or in Rio de Janeiro - we bring our Thai massage directly khổng lồ your home. The Thai massage is a massage technique that literally “Massage the old way” means.

Full body toàn thân Massage

When you & your body toàn thân get one again complete relaxation want to indulge. We mát xa here for 60 minutes on the mas sa bench with essential oils & a smile on our faces.

Why maytapmassage.com?

maytapmassage.com has been enriching Europe with its services for more than trăng tròn years. Now we are proud khổng lồ expand our presence in Brasil while doing our best khổng lồ make an unforgettable impression! Every one of our customers receives individual support, with the tương tác person always remaining the same. Of course, we only rely on experienced experts in the field of massage.



Not only highly qualified osteopaths & medical masseurs work in the large community in São Paulo, but also five experienced wellness masseurs with in-depth expertise và passion. Together we are committed to offering our customers a diverse range of therapeutic treatments và relaxing wellness experiences. Each member of our team brings chất lượng skills & perspectives lớn create a harmonious balance between health và well-being.

Masseuse Isabela

Meet Isabela, our expert masseuse who will make your wellness journey unforgettable. With years of expertise & sensitive touches, Isabela understands the art of relaxation lượt thích no other. Their dedication and talent blend into a chất lượng experience that balances toàn thân and mind. Experience Isabelea"s magical hands và immerse yourself in a world of pure relaxation và well-being.

Physiotherapist Ron

Make the acquaintance of Ron, our accomplished Physical Therapist who will enrich your health journey. With extensive expertise and empathetic care, Ron embodies the essence of physical rehabilitation. His dedicated approach and skills combine lớn create a chất lượng approach that promotes body and movement in harmony. Experience Ron"s expertise & immerse yourself in a world of targeted healing and strengthening.

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