Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a really simple way for patients khổng lồ improve their home care và make our lives as hygienists easier at the same time? It is possible, with a revolutionary mouth rinse by Ora

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Let’s face it, not every prophy is the same. Some patients make it easy, & some make you dread coming lớn work. Whether it’s a ton of calculus, plaque, bleeding, inflammation, or a combination of all of these, no one begins their day hoping for difficult patients. What if I told you a simple rinse used twice a day can help improve a patient’s oral health, potentially creating less complicated prophies?

Well, it’s true, as long as the rinse has the right ingredients và can be used daily. The ingredients of this rinse would have lớn break down biofilm, kill microbes (bacteria, viruses, and fungi), and be used regularly if we expect to lớn see a decrease in calculus, plaque, inflammation, bleeding, & stain.


Preventing calculus buildup is incredibly important, not only for patients but also for us as dental professionals. Tenacious, heavy calculus in hard-to-reach areas impacts us ergonomically. The satisfaction many of us get from removing large deposits soon fades as necks và backs start aching. In 2004, musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor positioning accounted for $131 million of lost income for dental professionals!1 On vị trí cao nhất of this, if your instruments aren’t sharp or if they’re of poor quality, this will increase the time you spend in compromising positions. Less buildup allows for easier cleanings, benefiting both you and the patient.

Plaque (biofilm)

We already know that calculus is formed from the lack of regular removal of plaque. Dental plaque or biofilm is the main etiologic factor for caries, periodontal, & peri-implant infections.2 The biofilm matrix holds complex communities that contain disease-causing microbes (bacteria, viruses, & fungi) as well as other toxic pathogens. Controlling biofilm is likely one of the most important methods of maintaining oral health và preventing and controlling oral diseases và potentially systemic diseases as well.


Because plaque triggers the inflammatory process, it adds to the body’s general burden of disease. In addition, “the oral cavity may act as a reservoir for pathogenic bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and affect distant-site or systemic pathologies.”3 It is understood in dentistry that someone cannot be healthy without oral health.


Bleeding (even light bleeding) is an indication of poor health. Many patients ignore bleeding and accept it as normal. They often blame us for making their gums bleed during the appointment. It is frustrating that their poor hygiene impacts their perception of the clinician. Patients simply need to increase their trang chủ care to have easier, more comfortable dental cleanings. Using a rinse can vì this!


Stain is another challenge experienced during many cleanings. Patients expect to lớn have all the stain gone when they leave their hygiene appointments. This can be an incredible task depending on the patient. Tooth staining is typically caused by a number of extrinsic factors. As a dental hygienist, I would prefer khổng lồ avoid giving patients a rinse that causes staining and additional calculus buildup. Traditional products using chlorhexidine do this, and we all feel this frustration.

Patients have khổng lồ be armed with the proper tools to help in between their appointments. Rinsing is easy & has high compliance. Ora
Care addresses the above challenges because the ingredients—activated chlorine dioxide & xylitol—can kill bacteria, viruses, và fungi, & break up biofilm. This hàng hóa does not cause any staining or additional calculus & can be safely used every day. Ora
Care is a rinse chosen by thousands of dental professionals because it helps create easier cleanings for the patient and the hygienist.

Bottom line, if a patient uses Ora
Care regularly, you can expect lớn see a decrease in calculus buildup, plaque, bleeding, inflammation, & stain, and an improvement in their oral health. You can learn more about Ora
Care’s revolutionary health rinse at oracareproducts.com or by calling (855) 255-6722. 

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Care. The nội dung has been reviewed for editorial integrity per RDH guidelines. For more information on our editorial standards, see rdhmag.com/page/submission-guidelines.

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Kristin Goodfellow, RDH, is the director of clinical education at Ora
Care. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in communication studies from West Virginia University và her associate degree in dental hygiene from Allegany College of Maryland. Her outstanding chairside education earned her the Procter và Gamble Excellence in Patient Communication Award in 2013.

Did you know that most oral health problems are preventable? While diligent brushing and flossing at trang chủ and routine visits khổng lồ the dentist go a long ways towards preventing oral health issues, patients in the Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Santa Rosa, Novato, và neighboring CA communities now have another option to help them reach their oral health goals: Ora
mouth rinse.

What is Ora

Care is an oral cleanser only available through dental offices that contains activated chlorine dioxide, a substance that has been shown in a university study khổng lồ kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi, as well as neutralize the toxins from bacteria và destroy biofilms (plaque) that can contribute to lớn oral health problems. At North cất cánh Smiles, Dr. Szyperski offers Ora
Care to her patients to lớn prevent oral health issues và complement the effects other therapies you may be undergoing, such as gum disease treatment.

How Ora
Care is used

Care is a mouth rinse that can be used either at trang chủ or in the dental office. We may recommend that you rinse with Ora
Care before any procedures, as well as after your treatment, because it helps khổng lồ disinfect the area to reduce the chance of infection. This is like the way a nurse or doctor sterilizes the treatment area prior to lớn giving you a shot or performing surgery. Ora
Care may also be recommended for use twice a day at home as a component of your periodontitis or gingivitis care lớn help curb the bacterial infection in your mouth.

Benefits of Ora

In addition lớn greatly reducing the number of germs in your mouth in only about 24 hours, Ora

Gets rid of bad breath
Can act as an oral wound cleanser
Helps maintain white teeth
Can be used long-term or for a power Cleanse as often as you would like
Can be used in ages 8 & up, during pregnancy, và while you are taking antibiotics

In addition, Ora
Care is safe. The active ingredient, activated chlorine dioxide, has been used in the United States for over 70 years khổng lồ purify drinking water, as well as by hikers to lớn sanitize water while they are in nature. Because of this, accidental swallowing of Ora
Care will not harm you or your child.

To learn more about Ora
Care and how it can help you achieve a healthier smile, điện thoại tư vấn North cất cánh Smiles today at (707) 306-8001!


Dr. Yvonne Szyperski, DDS - North bay Smiles

Helping you attain the perfect smile in Petaluma, California is Dr. Yvonne Szyperski of North cất cánh Smiles.

Dr. Szyperski graduated from the University of the Pacific Dental School in San Francisco và is a thành viên of the Redwood Empire Dental Society, California Dental Association, and American Dental Association.The comprehensive và personalized treatments she provides include porcelain crowns, bridges, veneers, và Botox treatment, which has both therapeutic and aesthetic uses.